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Timing chain rattle when accelerating

timing chain rattle when accelerating This is any early 19 model, tsb 18-2354 addresses an issue like this for 18 models, has anyone had an issue like this? Thanks for A loose chain would tend to rattle all the time. That is why I think it is more like a chain than DISA or VANOS, aas both are better heard when bonnet is up. Some modern engines naturally rattle very strongly during a cold start. Rattling occurs on a cold engine especially at the first engine start in the morning Rattle remains for a few minutes until engine is warm The frequency of the rattle increases with the engine RPM The intensity of the rattling noise increases upon decelerating or changing to lower gear, i. Eg the spring in my auto shifter in my corvette rattles at 36 mph in 4th gear under load but not earlier gears. 0 V6 engines where quite renowned for timing chain ticks and rattles. Rattling noise from the engine only under load/acceleration « on: March 23, 2007, 07:30:39 PM » My engine produces fairly audible rattling noise under acceleration in 3000-5500rpm range, no matter the speed or gear. Various conditions can cause the formation of oil sludge in the engine or a rattling noise from the timing chain and balancer shaft chain. And sometimes you don't hear and other times you do. 6L Explorer engine timing chain ooops! - Ford 19 posts Jan 10, 2008 More results from www. What would cause a rattling or clanging noise in an F-150 over 45 mph? Apparently, a lot of things! There’s nothing, and we mean nothing more frustrating than experiencing a strange problem with your truck that you can’t figure out. It will typically set codes for the phaser if it has issues when checked with a scan tool Ask Your Own Ford Question I will take the valve cover off over the weekend to see what the tension in the chain is like and what the timing is like as well. The noise level is also different, sometimes it is a softer rattle that is on the quieter side, while other times it is more harsh and rather loud. Rattling Sounds While the Vehicle’s in Idle. 0 sohc timing chain rattle - everything you need to know This is an amazing thread! I have a 2011 4. Save Share. when the vehicle "pushes" the engine If you're curious what that engine rattle coming from your Nissan is, have a listen to this video clip. . 5. The timing chain is of course not the only thing that This washer and nut were just ever so loose and rattling under acceleration. @Andrew Sailors Have you done any fluid changes on the transmission? That "rattling" could be the trans needing a fluid change. This timing chain is supposed to be tight, like a bike chain. It is one of the most critical parts of your engine assembly that’s responsible for making your engine run. It's just the acceleration. 0L engine may exhibit an intermittent metallic rattle or scratching type noise in the area at the front of the left hand (driver side) cylinder head at idle with the engine at operating temperature. In some cases, the tensioner spring force may be too low. However, sometimes car jerks when accelerating is a common problem faced by several car owners. The numbers on the sensor reader stated it was the timing chain. I had a check engine light however with several timing related faults and the engine started rattling during startup and low rpms or under acceleration. The rattle is there whenever I have my foot on the accelerator at "residential" speeds ~25mph. If you still have a rattle then you can chase the problem elsewhere. The timing chain tensioner provides the correct tension on the timing chain for a correctly timed engine. 6L Explorer engine timing chain ooops! - Ford 19 posts Jan 10, 2008 More results from www. The engine’s timing will be out of calibration and you hear the classic misfire sound. It is not the usual injector noise or anything like that, more of a rattling/clanking sound. Constant rattle can be the usa today protonmail pump or alternator bearings. I would back the timing down a little and run some premium fuel and see if the noise changes. It makes a clicky sound when accelerating, especially when uphill or pressing harder. It usually holds tension with a spring or hydraulic force. Is the timing chain a double row or single? Depending on type there could be an upper chain guide as well cant tell by the video. When accelerate i hear a rattling from the engine and it reminds me of when a bike chain would get loose or a pocket rocket chain slipping and popping off. It usually begins around 35-40 miles/hr during acceleration and stops at about 55-60. OK. This rattling noise should not be taken lightly as it warns of upcoming timing chain failure. 37. Otherwise, just live with the noise. I have a YouTube video of it, but only have 3 posts, so i can't post it There is a very distinct loud rattling on the left hand side of the engine and it gets increasing loud when the engine warms up. The rattle that you hear is the upper timing chain tensioners, they can be changed without doing the entire timing chain job, which is really expensive and difficult. Chain could sound on some certain revs/load, and if it isn't on idle then you might not hear it at all, unless window open and you passing some road dividers so sound retracts from wall and you can hear it. Because at the moment it only does it while the car is moving and another thing is when the car is cold , i dont hear the noise occurring - it only A loose timing chain can really make a rattling sound. The belt tensioner is typically spring-loaded with some sort of hydraulic or elastomer damper. Then get a spanner and turn the engine over by the generator or w/e slowly. Depending on the severity of the wear, it may lead to a rattling noise when starting the engine cold or when the engine is idling. Does this motor have a timing chain or belt? Is the engine direct injected? Loud pump? The noise picks up when the engine is under a heavy load - this is when climbing a steep hill on 1st or 2nd gear or when quickly accelerating. He quoted me about $2500, parts and labor included. The bearings are what allow the cam and crankshaft to spin for thousands of miles and millions of revolutions. Perhaps torque production has a role in it. After doing this, start the car and take a short test drive to see if the problem goes away. Jump to Latest Follow I guess it may be but it sounds more like someone playing with change or a chain . It only happens when I accelerate because when I let go of the gas the noise disappears almost right away. To get an idea of what causes VANOS rattling, you first need to know how the variable valve timing system works. I have read some Re: 4. The simple guide will help you be aware of timing chain failure in your Mercedes. Sounds bad. It took a minute or two of driving before the sound entirely went away. I believe chain rattle will not be affected by acceleration, it should rattle at a steady state, while detonation would occur while accelerating, possibly lightly through that range. My 2012 Outback ,4cyl with 160k miles generates a rattle/knocking sound when first accelerating or driving at low speeds while slightly accelerating. +1 to Rick's comment about the heat shield, mine was rattling like crazy on acceleration so one of my fall oil changes, I just wrapped a big pipe clamp around it. It seems become less audible or stops after around 3000 RPMS or so (would need to check this again). Voila!! no more rattle I hope that this is your problem as well and not timing chains or anything more expensive! Certainly worth a look. My 2019 A10 had the chirping noise at hot idle, 2k rattle, and did not have the lift off rattle, which is the sound in question. Timing chain guide rattle are a very common problem on the KA's. The sound occurs right now under acceleration (even lightly pressing pedal in neutral). If you think the belt has jumped, don't run the engine. What does the timing chain do? The timing chain goes by a variety of other names like the timing belt, timing chain, and cambelt. I had an ugly rattle coming from about mid car (kinda like you describe), but I couldn't locate it to the driver or passenger side. What is this rattling noise that increases with throttle in a 2007 Kia Sorento - Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Wen accelerating at around 3k RPM and higher consistently having a very loud vibration coming from the drivers side speaker area. Fair enough to get 266hp instead of 215hp. Sounds like the chain tensioner is losing pressure and causing chain rattle. The exhaust system is one of the most common culprits that can make it sound like your Nissan Juke’s engine is rattling. The bike has had the "up-date" for 07 GS pinging as per the service bulletin done at 1000km service. Rattling noises when accelerating can be caused by low fluid levels in the A/T. 6 on a 59 Oil leaking out of the chain tensioners causes the timing chain to momentarily rub against the tensioner ratchet when the engine is first started. This may be caused by the Primary Timing Chain Tensioner system. I would check these two areas first. All fluid levels ok. It doesn't happen in park, only when driving. Only when letting off gas then there is some smoke. com Estimate of cost for a timing chain replacement - 2003 Ford If the "rattling" stops, you know its due to the advance on your distributor. Yup, exhaust leak at the manifold, upper timing chain rattle, or even loose spark plug can cause that noise. They had a voluntary service campaign back in 2014 for defective timing chains in 2010 - 2013 Nissan Jukes. My job is a Technician for Volkswagen so im not to shy on noises etc, sound a bit like timimg chain or poss like a balancer shaft out of alignment, when stationary no noise at all though. Clicking/rattling noise on start up and acceleration. The Murano rattles upon acceleration, but the rattle does not happen all the time. In my opinion, it’s not a very robust design and it is an area to watch. If I had been on the highway when my timing chain completely failed I could have been seriously injured or dead. A bad tensioner will leave the chain loose and ready to jump a tooth or fall off all of the way. I have had this strange rattling noise when I accelerate. Car Jerks When Accelerating – Reasons & Solutions. Testing The Knock (KS) Sensor The rattling noise coming from the engine known as the “Death Rattle Noise” is caused by the timing chain. They blame the balance-shaft bearings, but the fix-kit issued by GM was a tensioner for the timing chain. Well, except maybe losing your 10mm socket for the 1,000th time. Replaced the timing chain tensioner for $35, and it doesn't make clicky sounds anymore. 3 JTDm – timing chain wear. If the noise is still there, it's in the engine (timing chain, carbon buildup, etc) Might be worth a try on the Veloster as well. noise is not present as idle in either park or drive( at least not reproducible) at this time. If you have a rattling sound, I would check and see if it is the sub straight inside the converter. explorerforum. Did you inspect the guides for damage at all or just replace the tensioner ? There is also a casting around the oil pump on the timing cover that could have been damaged due to chain slap which would account for swarf. 4. Rattling in engine when accelerating? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. How much does it cost to fix a rattling noise when accelerating? It’s going to cost around $500 to $1,500 to replace the timing chain or timing belt tensioner. A timing chain breaking while driving is a SERIOUS safety issue and will cause significant damage internally also. You will hear the ratchet click and re-adjust itself. First off, if you can get under the car or get it up on a lift, I would check the exhaust system components such has hangers and U clamps. That's a good point about the driveshaft. Broken Belt Tensioner or Chain Tensioner . Just about every road going vehicle with a timing chain has a hydraulic timing chain tensioner. Takes two people one on the gas pedal and one crawling around. The rattle sounds like a stone rolling around in a steel drum. 0, so do not hesitate to ask me questions on this thread or via PM if you can not find an answer looking Engine rattles while idling However, when the timing chain is loose, it may cause a vibration inside the motor and will be indicated by a rattling noise as the engine idles. I've found with dodgy lifters they make more of a 'ticking' noise. If the chain slips and the engine blows up, then take the car to a salvage yard, or have a used engine installed. If you hear a pinging or rattling sound when accelerating, low-octane fuel could be the cause. 8 duratec , so a month or so ago , i had my window down and whilst i was accelerating , there was like a chatter rattle noise coming from the driver side engine area , it doesnt happen when slowing down and there doesnt RE: engine rattle IP: Logged Message: If you have a 3. Seems to be a rattle in the exhaust somewhere. 2001 is timing chain. When I start it cold, I hear the timing chain rattle for about 2-3 seconds till oil pressure comes up. I have just purchased a 2012 Acadia LT1 and am having a problem with a rattle when I accelerate from a stop. I'm really desperate. I was looking for what is loose without success. Then a crawl around the bottom of the vehicle will allow you to pinpoint the source of the noise if heat shield/exhaust related. The noise only lasts a couple of seconds and goes away as soon as the engine builds up oil pressure. I've got about 3100 miles on my '06. It isn't a super consistent rattle, seems to only happen when accelerating from lower speeds. The timing chain is an integral part of any engine, and without it, your vehicle is rendered useless. It has developed a rattle from the engine at 2000 rpm under constant rpm. It’s not uncommon for your catalytic converter replacement to cost more than $1,000, and there’s usually more work that needs to go along with that. Anytime you hear a rattle it means that something is loose and needs to be fixed before it breaks. See thread: Thanks for the reply's , If it is the vanos or the timing chain tensioner , then shouldn't it make these rattling/clicking noise when I rev the engine in Park or Neutral or when at a standstill. March 3, 2012 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: Timing chain rattle are usually worse during start up and appear to get quieter when the RPM is raised. Horsepower and torque loss noticeable during acceleration and a drop in fuel economy. If this belt, chain or tensioner becomes loose or is failing it can cause a rattle noise that follows the engine RPM's. 6L Explorer engine timing chain ooops! - Ford 19 posts Jan 10, 2008 More results from www. Posted by 1 day ago. Hi , i wonder if someone could assist or if anyone has had this before , i own a 2006 ford mondeo estate 1. Hey guys I have a Audi A4, 2005 B7 When from a cold start I get this annoying startup rattle for 1-2 seconds then it’s gone. The engine has a very noticeable rattle at Idle. I have 85,000km, and is actually not typical for Honda that you have chain problems with this little km. I neglected my timing chain tensioner to the point of having to replace both the tensioner and the chain guides, this was on a Gen 1 Triton engine ! Johnznot reports that his Subaru dealer told him that the “…rattle upon startup was normal (due to the boxer engine design), and that no harm is being done. Open the hood and check the fluid level. I can duplicate the noise easily by accelerating and pushing the brake pedal the same time. Timing chain rattle resolution process - SOHC V6 19 posts Jul 6, 2011 Timing Chain Replacement Cost - Ford Explorer and 6 posts Jul 28, 2010 4. The fuel mix should not be lean and the engine needs to be proper temp also. This is often due to a timing chain attached to the engine. The engine developed a slight "diesel" sound when hot and accelerating. I have the 2011 3. I think this may be a little bit of play on the intermediate shaft as it enters the transfer case, I am not sure if play there is normal, it also sounds dry I thought the splines should have grease on them. It goes away when I accelerate. It rattled especially under acceleration, or on downshift, and seemed to be most noticable at particular engine rev speeds. I have a 2011 Juke with 33000 kms on it. Could be the timing chain or a valve problem. e. Going to my mechanic tomorrow, but wanted to go in with a suggestion. If a Saab vehicle owner/engine installer complains about a rattling timing chain, oil sludge or any of the other conditions described in this Tech Tip, follow the recommended procedures. Timing chain symptoms are pretty obvious, ranging from rattling sounds and engine misfires to engine failure and the use of improper oil. The cure, says Ford, is to replace the original chain tensioner components with redesigned parts. 3l V6 predecessor (called 3MZ). 7 rattle Just been looking at this thread regarding the "Jeep knock"on the 3. Has to be a load or hard acceleration for it to happen and only in that rpm range I mentioned. On the pipe, you have to jury rig something. Generally, when a timing chain is used, the intention is for it to last the “lifetime” of the engine (very roughly 200k miles). If you are willing to spend ~$700 or more to have it replaced, have a professional mechanic look at it. I have a 1994 Ford F-150 302, I have replaced timing chain, O2 sensor, EGR (all ports were clogged), water pump. Remove the camshaft gear and chain. When it does happen, it seems to be around 20mph and between 1500 – 2000 rpm. The cause of the chain rattle is likely the VV hydraulic timing adjusters on the inlet cams - very sensitive to oil grade and quality - keep them clean with regular oil changes or they gum up and cause all sorts of issues. The timing chain tensioner applies pre-tension to the chain guide rail mechanism. VANOS consists of a camshaft gear that operates independently of the intake cam, a splined shaft that slots into the cam gear and a solenoid that controls oil flow to the VANOS shaft. They installed the tensioner as detailed in the TSB 2005 Mazda 3s w/ 197k miles Noticed it faintly 3-4 weeks ago, but didn't think much of it. 1 read engine misfire other read intake cam valve actuator (something). Yet again after contacting American Honda, have been going roundabout with this problem. what octane gas do you use? try going to 93 and changing spark plugs cheapest and easiest things to try before assuming its a timing chain. I've heard of this from another z owner and I'm starting to think that it only affects the 06 models. It sounds like lifters but it doesn't rattle at idle. If the chain is so loose that the tensioner cannot tighten it any more, the only option is to replace the chain. On some vehicles, it's a good idea to replace the water pump at the same time since most of the parts that are removed to replace the chain will have to be removed to replace the water pump as well. 7 KJ. I didn't think the output shaft bad rivets rattle like that on acceleration. 2. At least that's my experience. When the polymer material wears off, the chains get loose and began to rattle. Its in the background a bit as i'm speeding up I have a 2016 Trax with 320 miles on it. 2015 500 Sport, automatic. It sounds like a rock in a coffee can and shake it around. Regardless of the fault, you must identify and correct the problem quickly -- otherwise your problem will get worse. Could you describe the noise as similar to running over rumble strips? Does it occur around 1500-1800 rpm ? It only does it after a cold start and last’s for less than 2 seconds. Also, about 5500 miles ago I replaced the timing chains, tensioners, cam phasers, chaing guides and vct solenoids by following fordtechmakulocos 4 part video series on it. A rattling timing chain is most commonly heard at idle while the conditions you describe are optimal for creating knocking and timing chain noise from a loose chain or defective timing chain tensionier or worn guide shouldn't appear just under such a narrow range of conditions. When the polymer material wears off, the chains get loose and began to rattle. Action: Replace the Primary Timing Chain Tensioner, Chain Guide, Jackshaft, and Crankshaft Sprockets with a Primary Timing Chain Tensioner Kit. Both vehicles with a timing belt or a chain have a tensioning system to keep it snug and centered. When it does happen, it seems to be around 20mph and between 1500 - 2000 rpm. If you have a car making a rattling noise when accelerating, your catalytic converter is probably on the outs. And the reason your timing chain was loose when you ripped it apart, that's because there is no hydraulic pressure with the enigne not running to generate any tension. Remove the crankshaft sensor reluctor ring and line up the timing marks on the crank gear and cam shaft gear. 3. Timing chain tensioner utilizes oil pressure to keep timing chain under tension while engine is running. Timing chain rattle resolution process - SOHC V6 19 posts Jul 6, 2011 Timing Chain Replacement Cost - Ford Explorer and 6 posts Jul 28, 2010 4. Just did my timing chain few months ago at 114,000. If this part goes bad, you may experience rattling or chain noise, especially on startup. It restored the lost power and fuel mileage but the rattling is still the same. I have had a problem the last 10k miles and it just recently started to get worse after my trip to Edmonton from Oregon. Ive noticed when accelerating hard their seems to be a slight rattle / noise from engine, only under load. Car drives fine etc. The noise come from the head section of the engine. Anyway, it turns out my issue was the heat shields on the cats. If any of the bearings fail they will cause a ticking or screeching noise. I checked the oil and it looks good. There is a tensioner you can install to keep that from happening. The noise level is also different, sometimes it is a softer rattle that is on the quieter side, while other times it is more harsh and rather loud. I have had no problems until the past 2 weeks and have even taken it on a 2000 mile road trip after the timing components were replaced. However, in Car & Driver tests, Sienna was still the 2nd most quiet van at cruising speeds. The 2GR V6 uses a timing chain, so it is indeed noiser than the 3. The sound is kind of similar to the "wheel of fortune" noise when you spin the wheel, but deeper. Anytime you hear a rattle it means that something is loose and needs to be fixed before it breaks. - Dan M: Bob Firment Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE Problem: Hassitation when WOT at 5. There are a wide array of class-actions seeking reimbursements for Nissan owners. This sound is particularly noticeable when you start the F150. The noise itself sounds a little like pinking when driving, but the rattling is also present when the engine is idling. 0 sohc timing chain rattle, so here is literally everything you need to know about it. Engine is very quiet after this initial rattle. It's not a bad rattle or knock it's more of a ticking/light rattling sound that is definitely abnormal. That is why some bikes rattle when you first start them. If the timing fluctuates more than 2-4 degrees, you may have a worn distributor gear or timing chain. Same for the guides. com Estimate of cost for a timing chain replacement - 2003 Ford Any help would be greatly appreciated. However, if the knock sensor is not working, spark timing will not retard when it should. They were designed with chain tensioners called cassettes. We took it to the dealer, they said there were 2 codes. Thank you in advance for your time guys, Before today, my truck would sometimes rattle a bit in the front when I would start the truck but it would be gone in about . Posted by 1 year ago. com Estimate of cost for a timing chain replacement - 2003 Ford As for the rattling sound, it could be many things. I've checked all of them and they're all intact, but the the one right behind the exhaust seems very very flimsy and I can totally see engine vibration causing this to rattle. As we understand the problem, as the 3. It sounds distinctly like a big end rattle and b eing a mechanic for 35 years I was pretty sure this was the problem. Rattling and tapping in the front of the engine on the 2002-2016 Nissan Maxima is very evident, especially on cold starts. If you can park on flat ground, put the parking brake on and wiggle the driveshaft. You may hear a rattling noise made by the chain or belt whipping around, with insufficient tension, inside the timing chain cover. If it is exhaust related you should be able to reproduce this rattle/buzz. I can drive at any of these speeds without the noise. It seems to occur at the lower RPMS as stated and approx 80% of the time when accelerating moderately. explorerforum. It varies by engine speed, but it is most obvious after the truck shifts and is in the bottom of a gear while accelerating or at the top end of any gear at higher RPMs. After accelerating normally in first gear, when I push in the clutch for the shift to second (2000 rpm or higher), a loud rattling sound happens for about one second (until the rpms come down). I have a rattle coming from the engine compartment when I'm accelerating. Also make sure that none of the exhausts system pipes are touching the frame or body. Of course, rattling may not necessarily be due to a faulty timing chain. The most common cause is the variable valve timing camshaft gear assembly leaking down oil pressure as it sits. Another possible cause is a cracked flywheel or flexplate. Thanks. Also, he said it doesn’t really make sense to try to rebuild the engine - better to replace it. Posted on Jun 09, 2009 The 4. I started having the rattle of death in my 2012 at about 100,000 miles. If you are up for a DIY fix, be sure that you are calm, experienced and ready to tackle what’s ahead of you. Hassitation characteristics is 1 huge jerk forward (sudden deceleration) followed by normal acceleration. The noise sounds A LOT like spark-knock, and it happens when accelerating thru the low RPM range. Timing chain tensioner noise and adjust | Rattle sound from engine when accelerating [HINDI]Hello friends is video mae, mene dikhaya hai motorcycle ka Timing If you hear a pinging or rattling sound when accelerating, low-octane fuel could be the cause. A friend of mine told me that I could be one of the rollers from the drive belt, but my mechanic said that all the rollers were fine when I had my belt replaced about 5K ago (I have 120+K now). Now we haven't been able to drive the travers for over a year and we are still paying for it because we now need to put a new engine in it. This sound is particularly noticeable when you start the F150. My 2004 Toyota Matrix has been making a rattling/chattering noise when I accelerate. I'd replace all the tensioners, guides, chains, and clean out whatever I can with compressed air/cleaner. I have the dreaded knock(or rattle)on my 2002 3. Lessens as the car warms up. The cause of the noise is faulty timing chain guide rails and timing chain tensioners that wear out well ahead of schedule. A video would aid in diagnosis. It will be audible when Idle and parked too. 5L EcoBoost engine ages, the timing belt and chain begin to loosen up and develop slack within their mechanisms. But don’t worry because this symptom also has a solution like other car problems. Its consistent . That's caused by the necessary time to reach the tensioner and to synchronize the chain, which is in the engine, not as a belt that is external. Is this normal ? Do you guys hear the same thing ? I even changed my oil and filter this weekend and it still does it. They almost always cause vibrations. Could the increase in engine load be exposing the weakness in my timing chain tensioner? I have a 1998 528i with 106K, BTW. This issue is more than just a nuisance rattle, as most who have ignored it end up with timing chain damage. For model years 1996-1998, remove the crankshaft sprocket using J 5825-A. Joined Jul 30, 2014 · 3 Posts . o liter 4x4 When the timing becomes thrown off because of a stretched timing chain, a check engine light should appear on the dash once the sensors realize the problem. Timing chain noises are one of the most obvious indications of a failing component. hear chattering noise coming from driver side engine compartment when accelerating or going up hills. If it were to become so, then there would probably be a fault code/warning displayed somewhere, which can be read by the dealer. 1. The problem is that seldom will you from the drivers seat be able to audibly depict the increase in engine noise as one of the Timing belt idler bearings starts to make more noise just prior to seizing, or hear the occasional timing “belt slap” as the tensioner can now longer keep the timing belt tight under heavy acceleration just prior to the belt jumping a few teeth. But also on flats. No timing chain in VW diesels, timing belts are the norm. Nissan quotes me at 9000+ dollars to replace my engine. Thanks If you listen carefully, the startup rattle is there even if it's been restarted within 10 minutes of shutdown - the rattle gets longer and more pronounced the longer it sits. As i and others have mentioned previously the belt tensioners cause rattle noises, its arrow should remain in the square with engine running and loaded, chain tensioners and cam gears do too. Discussion Starter • #1 Chains that have slipped time have slackened and can sometimes rattle during cold start or idle, or produce a swishing or scraping noise. A rough running engine may accompany such noises. My car rattles and moans when I accelerate and feels like the engine is slipping sometimes. Depending on how you define rattle, it is highly possible that it is pinging as trife96 has indicated. What is this part and what should you do if you experience these symptoms? The variable valve timing system allows the engine to benefit from timing that can change as the engine dictates – it’s like having many different styles of camshaft at the ready. The rattle will occur during a VVT timing retard so tml i will connect the OBD to see whether it is true. When the car has been sitting for a day and I start it up, I notice that it makes a quiet, constant rattling sound coming from the engine area upon accelerating, best heard with all windows closed. Usually they stay within spec so valve timing etc isn't an issue. Engine rattling when accelerating can be a symptom of a problem with this timing belt. But it a combination of many issue that i managed to minimise to a slight rattle till now My PCSV is jammed creating a vacuum leak, my spark plug losing compression, The next step will to take out the OCV and do a cleanup and test the valve. Timing chain rattle on cold start is mostly (not always) caused by a bad chain tensioner. I took a deep socket large enough (probably 1/2 or 9/16) to fit over the open end of the U and gently tapped it up tight and . This reduces power a bit but protects your engine against detonation. . "slight" loss of power, hardly noticable not anything serious though, and no misfiring or overheating. The noise level is also different, sometimes it is a softer rattle that is on the quieter side, while other times it is more harsh and rather loud. Theres 2 guides above the crank (1 long and 1 short) one on the left and one on the right. When either is cracked, it begins to bend during acceleration. They can get a little loose as the vehicle ages and accumulates mileage. Close. Could it be transmission? Its odd. 4. Whenever I accelerate, let off the accelerator, blip the accelerator when I change down, or even sometimes without actually doing anything at all, I get a really annoying rattling sound, which seems to be coming from the front of the car. Thanks. Close. Usually there is a broken or rotted bolt/screw/thing that has come loose and lets the heat shield rattle against your pipe. Car makes rattling noise when accelerating - SR20DET. While the exhaust is outside of the engine itself, it can often cause sounds that are confused for an internal engine rattle. Only 3k miles on car. My original suspect was the A/C clutch, which you cannot purchase separately from the compressor. Trying to do the research here guys, but there is so much out there on this and so much is conflicting, that I don't know what to believe and what not to, so please excuse me starting a new thread on a subject you've probably seen a million times before Just bought a Mini Cooper 1. 3. If your car is a manual then it could be the clutch release bearing or input shaft in the gearbox. Is the rattle worse on initial start up after it's been stood overnight? Sounds a bit like a hammer drill. the VTC will only be on start up sometimes misdiagnosed as a bad starter ,no codes like a p0341 usually will with a bad tensioner/chain I have seen the 2 bolts come loose on the tensioner and rattle bad but was throwing a p0341 and a p1009 because it was bleeding oil pressure off behind the tensioner and starving other engine oil parts the chain was put in 19k milles before the problem I guess Ford Mechanic: HDGENE, Ford Senior Master/Diesel/Trans replied 3 years ago Then if its coming from the front of the engine/timing cover area it is a possible phaser issue or loose timing chain. Engine has always made a rattling noise which now I believe loose/worn timing chain. Excess slack in the timing chain can cause a rattling sound or even a clanking sound if the slack is severe enough to cause the chain to contact the timing chain cover. com Estimate of cost for a timing chain replacement - 2003 Ford I bought my truck 1 month ago. The fix: You will need to replace the hydraulic tensioners and the chain guides. accelerating and under load i get a rattle that sounds a bit like a playing card in the spokes of a bike. It doesnt happen all the time. However, some noise is almost always present. 0 that has a fast ticking noise between 2800-3000rpm only right after starting and getting on it on an on ramp for the freeway. The noise is on start up, just sitting in the driveway. Usually pinging concern will improve some ifyou go to higher octane fuel. , started about 1000 miles ago. It does sound like the top of the engine (from inside) and on occasion under just the right conditions, it sounds like it could be in the area of the intake where the VAIS is located. Car is super quiet at idle and the cam tensioner sound is gone. I've noticed the exact same rattle in the last few weeks. I have been through some possible causes. To confirm presence of this noise, accelerate in 2nd gear between 2000-3000 rpm and listen for rattle noise that sounds similar to spark knock. Eventually it'll destroy the engine. G. 9's rattle when they need replacing. The rattling does not seem to be in sync with the engine, and it only happens when the car is in drive and in motion (does not rattle when I hit the gas in neutral). I took the Acadia to the dealer yesterday and was told this is a problem that is in all of the V6 motors and was taken for a ride in a Buick enclave and it did have the same problem. Pinging (also called pre-ignition or detonation) can also be the result of carbon deposits, a bad knock sensor, overheating or incorrect ignition timing. They were designed with chain tensioners called cassettes. this I broke it back down went through the proper steps, set the timing and initially the car sounded great ,purring even. Does this This rattle can occur on start-up, while idle, or while accelerating from 1800-3000rpms. It is strongest when applying throttle at low RPM, for example leaving my garage ramp uphill while having W mode (2nd gear) selected on the shifter. The rattling does not come when you start or constantly - when you drive uphill or very sporadically when accelerating, but only briefly. This is most noticeable when accelerating because the valves are moving much faster. Now it is quite noisy. If the chain is in good condition, no need to replace it. When your cat starts rattling inside, it’s only a matter of time before it causes a blockage that makes your engine run poorly. . There are guides for engines with a timing chain. This means that the chain skips a gear either on the camshaft or on the crankshaft. Worn Timing Belt. Hi Guys, I've listened to the timing chain with a stethoscope and it sounds very smooth through the whole rev range. U joints can make a rattle, but they normally make a deeper clunking type noise. also hear it upon early morning startup,anyone else have this problem? 2003 ranger edge 4 dr. You must be aware of all the feasible reasons behind the problem in accelerating before jumping to the solution. Not a shit ton but noticable Mods: Stiffer mounts for all 3 mounts, CAI, coilovers A rattle is not normal and it could be from a loose timing chain. I have recently rebuilt the top end of my 4. Rattling noise during acceleration can be caused by several different but common failures, including loose heat shields, bad belt pulleys and ignition pinging. I bought and installed mmr's new timing chain tensioners which prominently introduced the lift off rattle. Technical Question. Those are the only ones I have personal experience with. I would appreciate any help with this issue as we are low on funds and spent a lot replacing the timing chain and do not have the money to take the car to a dealership as it is out of warranty. ”. If I lift my foot off the accelerator, the noise goes away. Detonation (pinging) can sound like a rattle or something loose. will call my mech over to have a look at the timing. A timing belt or chain tensioner is used to rotate the camshaft(s) that control intake and exhaust valve operation. Compression new I believe is 400 psi with no more than 70 psi difference between cylinders. This is just a rattle that is only there 30 % of time when accelerating . Another issue is the timing chain guides Most times the symptoms are worse at low RPM or when the engine is cold and when cold also accompanied by a rattle noise at start. It rattles pretty bad upon the first startup after an oil change too. It has developed a metallic rattle sound that is loud at idle and while running at the same speed. Rattling Noise under Acceleration 2001 is timing chain. The number one rattling culprit in your Juke’s exhaust system is the heat shield. Noise only noticeable on cold engine with acceleration in drive. Usually pinging concern will improve some ifyou go to higher octane fuel. I cant get it to do it on the drive as it seems to need a load. As I was giving it a test run, and I started to accelerate there was like this grinding like timing chain vibration rattle in there any time I put a load on it it's this grinding rattle sound that's coming from the timing chain As the timing chain tensioner weakens with age, the timing chain starts to slap around to the point of the Cold Start rattle which eventually becomes permanent and the destruction of your timing chain guides. explorerforum. It will start right back up then die again. This might be causing the car to misfire when it's rattling like that. Replace it if you are near the Refer to SI for engine front cover removal procedure. I'd dump the tune mod (temporarily) if possible and go back to a defined stock start point and re-time the engine and get it running right. If the noise goes away, the problem is something along the serpentine belt path (alternator, power steering pulley, water pump, air conditioning, etc). Is the rattle normal? Yes, if the timing chain is stretched and needs replacing. Also during WOT there is a rattling sound. However, it is possible for the timing chain to stretch with time. 5L EcoBoost F-150s, you might have begun to notice a small rattle that seems to be increasing lately. Source: I've had a 97, 99, and 01 maxima and an '05 and '06 G35 that all rattled and knocked lightly at low rpm under load. Jeep 3. The fact that it happens under load makes it a good possibility. The other possible issue would be a timing chain rattle that's causing the misfire when you accelerate. If this happens, it may have contact between the pistons and valve, causing major repair problems for the engine. Engine Rattle I, too, have a chatter coming from the engine but it only occurs when I switch the A/C on and off. Could it be a piston that is sloppy and when its warm has expanded ? Dealer said it was a normal noice, it just seems that Toyota has forgotten their reputation for quality. Bringing it in next week. any items to check for security/clearance? thanks Ford Mondeo Estate - intermittent chatter / rattle when accelerating. Glen · Registered. Also, if you hear rattling while the car is at idle, then you may have a catalytic converter problem. When I continue to accelerate,it goes away and does not come back when slowing down to a stop for example. 9L V6, HAVE THE TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER INSTALLED!! I ran a copy of the "Magnum V6 - Timing Chain TSB" (found on SpeedTweaks - Tips and Tricks webpage). The explanation from Infiniti is the oil is not pumping into the area with the timing chain guides/tensioners fast enough on a start, hence the brief noise on a cold start and not any other time. The noise is caused by the timing chain and tensioner. Ford doesn’t care and it’s forcing their unsafe and bad designs on consumers and not fixing it. Another thought after someone pointed out the early Ks have a vacuum sensor that advances ignition timing by 12 degrees is that this is fitted to this K possibly causing pinking? Timing chain rattle resolution process - SOHC V6 19 posts Jul 6, 2011 Timing Chain Replacement Cost - Ford Explorer and 6 posts Jul 28, 2010 4. Our 2013 V6's still use a timing belt unlike the I4 that uses a chain. I changed out my Cam Tensioner, timing belt and water pump. There’s no getting around it. Timing chain rattle resolution process - SOHC V6 19 posts Jul 6, 2011 Timing Chain Replacement Cost - Ford Explorer and 6 posts Jul 28, 2010 4. 1. Also, put a timing light on and change the rpm of the engine (don't forget to remove the vacuum line to the distributor). Even cold start I hear no rattling. The rattle goes away once the engine is running at normal temp. It still has the rattle. 1. Now it might be possible the sound continues once I've gotten up to speed and I'm just not hearing it, but it doesn't seem that way. My truck has 270k and whenever I punch the throttle or have to accelerate hard to go uphill I here a rattle that seems to follow engine acceleration. Now as the TSB above states, VW only covers 2008 – 2010 MK6 GTIs. Anyone have any problems with very loud pinging or rattle when accelerating from 3500 rpm on a 07 GS? Doesn't do it until 3500 rpm and it doesn't matter which gear. There are a few areas which can rattle, rattle on startup that will be the oil pump. this The timing chain in the 3. When it gets too old or worn out, it loses its tension and sounds like it’s rattling. I took the Acadia to the dealer yesterday and was told this is a problem that is in all of the V6 motors and was taken for a ride in a Buick enclave and it did have the same problem. The rattling noise can be caused by the support rail losing the ability to create enough tension for a timing chain, which is due to the support rail being made of a durable plastic that can become brittle and break. If you replace the sensor you will most likely find the issue will stop. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. There is an odd rattling, or more like a chain moving, (sometimes it even sounds almost like a trickle) sound which only occurs in : 1) Cold weather 2) After pressing the gas and starting to accelerate. The best way to describe it is a rattle or knocking noise. Now onto the problem. Anymore ideas on the this rattle I hear while accelerating. Heat Shield. Loose Timing Chain – Commonly, newer vehicles are outfitted with long timing chains, which connect your crankshaft to the camshaft, helping your engine’s valves open when they should. There is a howto on replacing it here on the website, look on the main page. Light throttle can get lots to rattle from the car. I initially thought timing chain, but it doesn't do it all the time. Oil pressure is 50-70psi and at full on the oil stick. I know this is likely to be the timing chain and the tensioner bolt can be changed / updated to cure this. It could be the timing chain tensioners are loose due to low oil and this allows the timing chain to rattle against the guides. 0 sohc timing chain rattle - everything you need to know Seen many, many many many posts on here about the 4. The timing chain will rattle as it stretches. Left alone, the timing belt could skip or break, causing your engine to not run due to engine failure. After noting the rattling while accelerating and reading our detailed article, it’s time to allow a mechanic or auto professional to help remedy the issue. A quick test for rough idle on M52 engines (1999-2000 MY). Engine Grind/Rattle While Accelerating Help. Rattling on cold start. I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu LT. New to this thread and I am unsure if anyone else has had this problem. Unplug the VANOS actuator solenoid electrical connector. Hey so I have a rattling sound under acceleration, my LS is a gen 2, so I don't think it's the tensioner/ chain, I only recall hearing it since my last fill up at the gas tank, and I'll be honest; I cheaped out and got regular for the first time, and I read in the search that that COULD be the culprit. I have had a chain noise for over 100,000 miles since I owned the car (at 240k now), but it only does it under hard acceleration 4,000+ rpm's hard downshift, rarely hear it. explorerforum. If it does may be run some fuel system cleaner through the engine to clean out the carbon, which would contribute to pinging under accel. you will have to find the actual source of noise yourself as we can not be there in person, fyi these engines are also known for lower end noise from piston slap that in the beginning goes away after warm up but later on results in full time noise. Maybe certain things just have the same resonate frequency and gets it to rattle. I took it to a shop (in nyc, where I live) who said it is a problem with the bearings and that my best bet is to replace the engine with a used one. It may take up the extra slack and stop the rattle, it might not. Pull the shipping pin and discard. If the spring breaks or the damper fails, the tensioner may bounce, causing an engine rattle. When it does happen, it seems to be around 20mph and between 1500 – 2000 rpm. Rattling Noise While Accelerating. Effect Of Changes In Cam Timing And Lobe Separation Angle The following tables illustrate how variations in lobe separation angle and cam timing will effect the behavior of the engine in which the camshaft is installed. 1. If you own one of the new 3. Last night while driving that same timing chain rattle came back but on this spare engine! The engine also takes about 4-5 seconds to start after priming the engine but idles completely fine. This noise will rise and fall with the engine RPMs. However, oil pressure will drop when car is parked for hours or in the morning. This is a common fault, check the condition of the oil and also check when the car was last serviced. Timing chains can stretch and then they rattle. The V8 problem is another matter! Rattling on acceleration my thought is pinking. Could it be the timing chain tensioner even if it's the newer one-piece design. Consequently, you may hear a pinging or rattling sound (spark knock) when accelerating, driving up a hill; or when the engine is lugging under a heavy load. Replacing the guides and the chain would based on inspection results. 7 V6 engine/gearbox and thought I would add my thoughts. It occasionally occur while driving after it is warmed up under acceleration. Step 2 With the engine warm and idling, place the blade of a slot screwdriver with a very long-handled shank against the uppermost portion of the timing chain cover. Mine sounded like the cat was starting to go bad. Past week its gotten louder to the point i can easily hear it when speeding up, though it seems to go away after driving for a bit (maybe 5-10 minutes). The technical background on this issue is that the timing chain tension has lost its ability to keep the tension and the slack causes the rattle in the engine. When the engine slows is when the valve timing would change, then when sped up it would go back into proper time, but with a loose chain it's possible that it would run rather poorly when accelerating, intermittently running well and then less well in concert with the noise. It really depends on what the noise actually sounds like. Within 2000 miles later, the engine developed a rattle when idling hot. I only really hear it again when accelerating at about 60 but soon goes away - it is not 'pinking', sounds slightly different. As the engine gets older, it starts to rattle more and more during cold starts, and this is a sign that the timing chain is worn. A car rattling when accelerating can grow to more than a daily annoyance. MG MGB Technical - Timing chain rattle? Hi, my 67 MGBGT has an awful rattle when first starting up and ceases when oil pressure builds up. I have noticed that when I accelarate quickly from stop position or even when driving I can hear a rattling noise coming from under car or engine, not sure. If it does may be run some fuel system cleaner through the engine to clean out the carbon, which would contribute to pinging under accel. Timing chain bracket? Is it coming for the valve cover and rattles more The Murano rattles upon acceleration, but the rattle does not happen all the time. Tensioner will still need to keep pressure to ensure timing chain stays SOURCE: Rattle when accelerating but not consistent. If the car is running low on transmission fluid, refill the reservoir to the proper level. For instance when accelerating out of a roundabout in relatively low gear. It is low oil pressure caused by the car sitting for an extended period ( 8 hours or so). It makes a distinct rattling sound and stepping on the gas makes it louder/faster. I am worried because my timing chain was replaced at 32,000 miles. The noise started off quiet so I ignored it. 4. Rattling Noise under Acceleration Do a neutral engine runup to the rpm where you notice this. If you have a timing belt, check the wear. It doesn't typically happen at idle if I remember the tech-bulletin correctly, and mine doesn't do it at idle. Tightened the exhaust and heat shield. I replaced the serpentine belt tensioner, belt and HI, I have a 94 C220 150,000 miles, and I noticed a rattling noise upon accelerating, sounds like little rocks in a can. 5 to 1 seconds. The sound is like a rattling sound coming from the engine. Thus, the timing chain may jump, causing the engine not to start. Other signs to watch out for include a rattling or vibration sound when the engine is running, the engine misfiring, or metal shavings found in the oil. 0L - Engine rattle under acceleration - 2019 5. However, when I start the car cold, there is a flutter/rattle when accelerating at low speeds. Loose chains typically hit the inside of the timing chain cover. I can't really hear this rattling when the engine's cold (1 - 2 bars) just the valve tapping. FORD TSB ARTICLE # 11-9-15 Issue Some 2011-2012 Mustang vehicles (excluding Boss 302) built on or before 3/31/2011 and equipped with a 5. We got it served by a mechanic and the timing chain when it slipped damaged the engine. The water pump is supposed to be new, and the bearings feel very precise. As the engine spins inside, the timing belt or chain needs some guidance, especially as the engine revs climb. While you are in there, it's a good idea to replace the tensioner, sprockets, etc. Having the valves inspected and adjusted if need be will get you your moneys worth. And it got worse because the guides got messed up with the timing chain slapping against it. Timing chain noise is commonly most noticeable during cold startup of the vehicle when oil pressure and oil flow is at its lowest. There shouldn’t necessarily be an extra cost to inspect the timing chain and guides during a valve inspection. Timing chain rattle you would probably hear all the time but you say it only seems to happen under load. Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, I've had a lot of experience with the tensioners as of late. The timing chain tensioner is a part that requires a lot of work to change. I told myself I would check it in the spring and replace it, that was 2 years ago and it's still on there good and tight and doesn't rattle. Has anyone else run into A loose timing chain can cause rattling inside the engine or problem accelerating. The timing chain recall has been done 4000 kms ago. Catalytic converters are one of the most expensive exhaust components. Might not be 100% correct, but close enough. 5 king ranch had chain replaced 2015 within weeks afterwards the startup rattle continued until the tensioner took up the slack no power on acceleration and bad hesitation on upgrades finally the motor finally stalled and wont start so now the motor has to be redone phasers as well as the chain and whatever else has be . Speed limit here is I have a 2012 traverse with new timing chain making a knocking noise that is not consistent and get the p062f code occasionally also. 6L Explorer engine timing chain ooops! - Ford 19 posts Jan 10, 2008 More results from www. This wear is not typically heard without the aid of a mechanic's stethoscope, but using one near the cam cover will allow you to audibly distinguish the rattling/skating noise associated with a loose chain and failing tensioner pads. 0 V6 engines where quite renowned for timing chain ticks and rattles. The camshaft in this engine is driven by a single row timing chain not much bigger than a bicycle chain. The dealer has just replaced the timing chain tensioner as they thought that may be the cause. The 4. I have been noticing what i can best describe as a rattling, slapping noise on a cold engine when accelerating. I also wonder if it could be the timing chain tensioner that could be bad causing the timing chain to rattle. 5k - 6k RPM. Toyota added sound insulation to the firewall and under the doors to compensate somewhat for the timing chains. Ok people, just had a problem come up on my K11 in the last few days. I have a 98 Avalon with 190,000 miles it runs Great, very few problems, all normal ware and tare problems. When i let off the A timing chain is automatically tightened by tensioners. Car has on 29500kms, not really used much. In my case, it was a loose timing chain. I also replaced the adjustment units while I had it apart just to be safe. When i put the motor back in and cranked it up everytime I accelerate it makes a ticking noise like a ziptie is hitting the fan but it ticks only when i am accelerating it will not do it while its idling i was told it may be the timing chain but i need other opinions before i replace it. Pinging (also called pre-ignition or detonation) can also be the result of carbon deposits, a bad knock sensor, overheating or incorrect ignition timing. Drive belts, timing belts, and timing chains need to have a certain degree of tension to work properly. I have a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Once it's takes off it runs fine. 7. Today it started to rattle a lot to the point where I don't even dare drive it anymore. On the manifold cover, tightening a couple visible bolts will usually correct it. You said your truck has 138k miles, have you ever replaced the timing chain? It's supposed to be changed every 100k. Without a timing chain in good condition, you can’t really expect your vehicle to go anywhere. 0 has a rattling noise when accelerating, sound resembles spark knock, or timing chain issue, started using 93 octane which did not help. I have an 05 Frontier with about 80K miles on it and it started making a rattling sound when accelerating about 6 weeks or so ago. You may also notice that the engine is running poorly and when you try to accelerate, you lack power. Re: Rattling Sound On My Camry With 2AZFE Engine by 9icetoo ( m ): 5:15pm On Nov 12 , 2013 The car seems to drive fine and the mods have made it a lot more enjoyable. Gave it to the dealer service rep when I dropped off my '92 V6 Dakota at 80,000 miles. When I accelerate the ticking gets faster, if I depress the clutch and throttle, it gets faster, once the ticking starts it doesn't go away till the engine is cool. A bad timing chain will often emit a rattling sound for a few minutes before the engine warms up, and then will lower in intensity or dissipate altogether after it warms up. Rattling Noise While Accelerating. Car drives fine now. Last week the Equinox was stalling at stop signs. it only happens when the engine is warming up and once warm seems to go away. Basically it sounds like rattle cans being shaken when I'm on the throttle. Depending on how you define rattle, it is highly possible that it is pinging as trife96 has indicated. Test-drive the vehicle and while slowly accelerating listen for any backfiring (popping When its out you need to reset it, by clicking the ratchet all the way in again. The Murano rattles upon acceleration, but the rattle does not happen all the time. I have just purchased a 2012 Acadia LT1 and am having a problem with a rattle when I accelerate from a stop. However, there have been some VW dealerships that have covered 2011 – 2013, but it just depends on what kind of service manager you are dealing with. I first noticed it app 2,000 miles ago,when lifting my foot off the gas pedal. At that stage, it may result in a complete engine failure if the car continues to be driven. timing chain rattle when accelerating